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Quality of service

Our commitment to quality

The Argenton-sur-Creuse Tourist Office has been looking to cultivate and consolidate its approach to quality.  To achieve this, and with the aim of obtaining the "Qualité Tourisme" the whole team is working according to the various measures that the Offices de Tourisme de France (or Tourist Offices of France) has set as a label for the "Qualité de Tourisme" .


1. Our commitment to our guests

  • The premises of the Argenton-sur-Creuse Tourist Office
    • Receive clients in clean, accessible and pleasant locations
    • Communicate reliable and up-to-date tourist information in a variety of languages
    • Facilitate access to reception offices by posting appropriate signs.
    • Free wifi access
    • Open 240 days yearly, every saturday and sunday including touristic period
    • Answer your mails all year long
  • Reception and information

    • Display and respect opening hours
    • Provide a friendly and polite welcome
    • Free distribution service of brochures about local tourist providers.
    • Telephone service for general tourist information.
    • Brochure sending (orders received by mail, email, phone).
    • Gather client opinions and complaints

2. Our commitment to tourist partners (institutional, member, etc.)

    • Foster dialogue between professionals
    • Bring together and coordinate the tourism sector's local network
    • Distribute literature to member service providers
    • to provide the reception and information of  tourists
    • to provide tourist promotion of the territory of  Argenton-sur-Creuse

to help and to coordinate the interventions of various partners of  local tourist development