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Known as the " Venise du Berry, Argenton is a lovely friendly little town. Its lively streets will lead you to a very dynamic town centre.
Its modern districts match with the ones from the Middle Ages.
Nowadays somme beautiful medieval houses with old balconies and red or grey roofs can still be seen. Along the Creuse, you can still see the old mills, the "Moulin de bord " and the " Moulin de la Varenne ". These curiosities still give an enjoyable outlook to the walk along the Creuse's bank.
The picturesque street of " la Coursière " will lead you to the top of the hill where the little chapel of the " Bonne Dame " stands. From there you can overlook the town and admire the beautiful landscape, the steep rocks and green hills along the loops of the river Creuse.
Argenton-sur-Creuse can be considered as a typical town from the Berry and has often inspired famous writers.

Argenton-sur-Creuse succeded to the gallo-roman town of Argentomagus. During the Middle Ages a fortress was build at the top of the hill overlooking the valley. Argenton and its castle were invested by Pepin le Bref in 761 and became a huge fortress with ten towers. Nowadays only remains of the Heracle and " du Midi " towers can be seen.
The castle did not resist to both sieges : Philippe August's in 1188 and Henri IV's in 1589. It finally was party dismantled under Richelieu's reign in 1632 on Louis XIII's order.

From the XIIth century until to the XVth century, the low part of the town of Argenton was built below the fortress, on the left bank of the Creuse. From the XVth century, the low part of the town was extended to the right bank of the river and was connected to the left bank by the " Old Bridge ". At the end of the XVth century Saint-Benoît's chapel and Saint Sauveur's church were built. Beautiful houses were built in the low part of the town, such as the nice XVth century private hotel with its tower on façade on the Duperthuis street or the " Hôtel de Scévole " built during XVII-XVIIIth century and its garden " à la française " drawn by Le Nôtre.

Important figures from Argenton-sur-Creuse (captioned photos)